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Blue Still LifePencil, gouache, oil on paper 31.5x37.5cmCable CarOil and gouache on canvas 101.5x76cmColour AbstractGouache and oil on paper 52.5x42cmComposition in RedOil on paper 21x21cmCoppeliaCharcoal on paper 53.5x20cmDancer, Skirt WhirlingCharcoal on paper 83x57.5cmDancer at Barre - Orange LeotardCharcoal and gouache on paper 41x40.5cmDancer in ReposeOil and pencil on paper 20x20cmHilltop (Red Sky)Oil on canvas 65x49.5cmKerkye IIOil on canvas 93x123cmKite Flying StudyOil on paper 38.5x32cmMenerbesOil on paper 16.5x21.5cmPainting January 1963 - Blue IOil on canvas 122.5x91.5cmSeascape StudyOil on paper 30.5x22cmSeated Dancer, Blue TopWatercolour on paper 43x33cmSeated Nude, Red BackgroundOil on canvas 121.5x91cmShoreline SkerraySilkscreen print 52x39cmSketches for Negev RailwayWatercolour on paper 43.5x35.2cmThe Old Lookout HousePencil, gouache, oil on paper 42.5x32cmTo the Memory of La FresnayeGouache on canvas 102x102cmValley ViewOil on paper 19.3x16.3cm