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AcropolisOil on board 63.5x76cmBlue SeaOil on board 20x20cmBoatsOil on board 66x76cmBoats on ShoreOil on board 64x76cmCastle, PalmyraOil on board 63.5x76cmClifftopOil on board 46x61cmDalhousie StreetOil on board 51x51cmDeparting ShipOil on board 61x71cmDeparting ShipsOil on canvas 91.44 x101.3cmDesert RoadOil on board 46x61cmDesert Road, MorningOil on canvas 92x102cmEmpty BeachOil on board 15x20cmFading LightOil on board 38x51cmFloating CloudOil on board 65x61cmFlowers in a Large VaseGouache on board 68.5x51cmFlowersOil on board 46x36cmKendal CastleOil on board 61x87cmMountains and CloudsOil on board 30x41cmMountains and MistOil on board 30x46cmPotplant with CloudsOil on board 61x46cmSeasideOil on board 92x102cmSun and Mist, SutherlandOil on board 64x76cmSunset and SeaOil on board 15x20cmSunsetOil on board 20x20cmTadmur Castle, PalmyraOil on board 64x76cmThe ShowerOil on board 63.5x76ThunderstormOil on board 51x61cmTulipsOil on board 46x61cmVolcanoOil on canvas 66x76cm