Colour and Form thumbnails

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African HeadOil on Board 20 x 20cmAutumnal Trees Oil on Board 19 x 27.5cmBeached Boats, HastingsOil on Canvas 90 x 100cmBlue AuriculaOil on Board 28 x 24cmBlue ButterflyOil on Board 8 x 8cmBoats at HastingsOil on Canvas 74 x 89cmBuildings in LandscapeOil on Board 43 x 53cmCattle and Farm Buildings, EagleshamPastel on Paper 53 x 58cmChequered Cloth with DuckOil on Canvas 74 x 74cmCut Pear and Striped ClothOil on Canvas 74 x 74cmDark Hills at SunsetOil on Board 52 x 58cmDark LandscapeOil on Canvas 48 x 60cmDark Landscape, PerthshireOil on Canvas 74 x 74cmFish and FlowersOil on Canvas 76 x 76cmFlowers in Glass VaseOil on Canvas 55 x 49cmGlass CarafeOil on Canvas 74 x 74cmGoldfinchOil on Board 13.5 x 13.5cmGuitar, Fruit and BottleOil on Canvas 74 x 79cmMandolin, Bottle and Fruit BowlOil on Canvas 91.5 x 91.5cmMoon and Trees, EagleshamWatercolour and Gouache on Paper 56 x 56cmNude with PearlsOil on Board 33 x 14cmPears with CherriesOil on Board 26 x 21cmPerthshire HillsideWatercolour and Gouache on Paper 54 x 74cmPortrait of IsobelOil on Canvas 90 x 52cmSelf-PortraitOil on Board 67 x 28.5cmStanding NudeOil on Board 19 x 19cmSummer BouquetOil on Canvas 80 x 75cmSunflowersOil on Canvas 74 x 62Thai Hat and Indian HorseOil on Canvas 51 x 81.5cmThe Blue MatOil on Canvas 74 x 74cmThe Decorative JugOil on Canvas 74 x 74cmThe White TableOil on Canvas 100 x 100cmThoughts on a Winter LandscapeGouache on Paper 53 x 62cmThree Pears and a FishOil on Board 100 x 74cmTrees and Rock FormsMixed Media on Paper 59 x 39cmTwo Pears and a Ceramic BirdOil on Canvas 61 x 74cmWhite Horse StandingOil on Board 19 x 28cmWind Shaped Tree and MoonOil on Canvas 39 x 53cmWinter Hillside, PerthshireOil on Canvas 74 x 74cm