A Letter to Barrie thumbnails

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Confrontation IAcrylic on paper 134x70cmConfrontation IIAcrylic on paper 134x79cmContinuum seriesAcrylic on paper 81x106cmContinuum with horizontalsAcrylic on canvas 122x183cmCorn StalkCharcoal on paper 36x11.5cmDahlia IndianInk on paper 17x18cmDahliaPastel on paper 31.5x20.5cmDiagonals with organic circlePastel on paper 78x95.5cmDrawing for large painting IIAcrylic on paper 42x68cmFour layer projectionAcrylic on canvas 91.5x91.5cmGive me timeAcrylic on canvas 40x40cmIrisPastel on paper 55x27cmIrisPastel on paper 61.5x27cmLizard heavenAcrylic on paper 51x51cmMahlerOil and wax on canvas 154x212cmUneven triangle on horizontal backgroundAcrylic on paper 89x102cmUntitledAcrylic on paper 47x59cmUntitledDrawing on paper 24x14cm