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Peter Thomson

Wild Observations of a Tamed Landscape

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Wild Observations of a Tamed Landscape publication

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The title of the exhibition refers to my thinking regarding the latest body of work which is a deliberate, but unstructured examination of what is familiar to myself and I assume others.

“Embankment”, “Scrapyard”, “Scrapyard, Full Moon”, “Green Sky”.

A starting point for these paintings is a fairly obvious observation of decay. I don’t read this as a negative statement but simply an attempt to find interest and fascination in what might be assumed is just a pile of detritus, “beauty in decay” is a rather hackneyed term but probably appropriate. There’s also a fascination with the short term thinking of consumerism and rampant consumption. There is a lurking fear at the back of most minds that at some point a substantial material change has to be made to the way we structure our economies and the indulgence of cyclical fashion, which encourages the rejection and discarding of functioning technology, clothing, art?…. almost anything that is marketable for the ephemeral thrill of novelty.

One the challenges faced by contemporary figurative painters other than the technical handling of paint is how they deal with the content they include in their painting. In essence…

Peter Thomson

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Exhibiting from 25th June to 15th July 2016.