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Amelia Humber publication 'Viewpoint'

Amelia Humber’s stunning paintings encapsulate her emotional response to the character of specific landscapes.

It is the weather that is responsible for much of her viewpoint, as it brings a vibrancy of colour, huge skies and a geometric indication of movement, into her paintings.

Amelia was born in West Sussex into a family deeply interested in its rural setting, its garden and art. Their home was filled with interesting artwork. She studied painting at Falmouth College of Arts (now Falmouth University), which not only provided a first rate basis for her future career, but also introduced her to Cornwall, which confirmed her interest in the British landscape.

During much of her life Amelia has been based in regions where the landscape defines the character of the area. Her journey has taken her from the Sussex Downs to Cornwall, followed by an audacious leap to the far north of Scotland. Experiencing living in these varied landscapes has been the inspiration…

Germaine Stanger, Art Consultant

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Exhibiting from 21st May to 16th July 2016.