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Ronald F Smith

Remembered Places

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“These paintings are the result of my recent visits to the Mediterranean. I like seeing new places since I respond best to the unfamiliar. I think paintings should speak for themselves.

My paintings are not scenic representations but are responses to places observed and remembered. I do not have a formula or system but hope that my work shows a variety of responses. Ultimately, painting is about vision and aesthetics.

I always start a painting with something – or a place – in mind, although this may evolve in a totally unexpected direction, far removed from the original starting point. For me, that is part of the pleasure of painting.

My paintings are not abstract but are simplifications of something observed and remembered. I could not produce a painting that wasn’t ʻaboutʼ anything.

I do not make sketches in the traditional sense since I find this limiting. I have colour notes and written responses for future reference and the problems are solved (sometimes) on the canvas as the painting progresses.

I intentionally use vague titles for…

Ronald F Smith, Remembered Places

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Exhibiting from 14th October to 11th November 2017.