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Sutton Taylor publication

If I had been writing this a couple of months ago my thoughts would have been rather different - because I imagined that after 40 years of experimentation and a trail of disasters and successes I had finally found a reduced lustre firing regime which worked consistently yielding the colours and textures I was after.

But alas after a series of highly successful firings inexplicably the process stopped working reliably and I had to back-track. Reluctantly one has to accept that firing pots to the point of destruction can never be sufficiently finely controlled with an instrument as blunt as a pottery kiln and that losses (sometimes heavy) are inevitable. Thus it has been throughout the thousand year history of this technique and fortunately the losses are compensated for by brilliant successes.

The process being so notoriously technically challenging I am sure that all lustre potters take comfort in the oft quoted passage from the 16th century chronicler of potter Pilcolpasso – of Lustre he says – The art is so uncertain that of a hundred pieces hardly six are good ….. but when they work they are paid for in gold. Hence the secrecy which has surrounded Lustre throughout its history and its connection to alchemy and fascinating accounts of secret kilns, firings taking place…

Sutton Taylor November 2015

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Exhibiting from 12th December to 6th February 2016.