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Seeking out new territories has become increasingly important to me, making the working process more diverse and less predictable. Visiting destinations such as New York and Hong Kong has allowed me to paint new subject matter and work in a different way.

There has to be a strong connection with history and local culture as well as visual richness. So although it may not be apparent to the viewer, many layers of information are in my head as new series develop. This somehow seems to influence the mark making and the way paint is applied when I come to start work in the studio.

Left to right: Aegean Series 2, Aegean Series 3, Aegean Series 4

So this idea of a voyage of discovery, a quest for knowledge has become very much part of my working process. My most recent odyssey has taken me in a slightly different direction, to a small group of Islands in the Aegean Sea, The Cyclades.

I first visited this part of the world when I was in my early 20’s and returned year after year. At that time tourism had not…

Neil Canning March 2017

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Exhibiting from 3rd April to 3rd June 2017.