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“I am a tree, so to speak. The trunk is straight and fairly traditional. Where my art has left to go on different excursions there are branches like Pop Art, wood engraving, and Ruralism. They all may look unalike but they come off the same stem. What I am working at now is in direct line with what preoccupied me years ago; the same fantasies.”

The diversity of Peter Blake’s work is extraordinary. Many people know his famous design for the cover of The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, but less recognised is the range of paintings, collages, sculptures, prints, drawings, collections and illustrations that he has pursued with a passion for over half a century. Blake has always sustained the ‘branches’ of his art by extracting nourishment from his immediate environment.

He finds more inspiration in going out to pursue a vast range of interests and in enjoying the company of friends than through any injection of art theory. Yet, despite his love of life’s variety, he remains steadfastly rooted, determinedly unique. To meet him is to encounter a genuinely eccentric character – generous and warm, slightly shy, unconventional, obsessive, childlike almost, in his unashamed interest in a vast array of unusual and…

Extracts from “Peter Blake” by Natalie Rudd, Tate Publishing 2003.

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Exhibiting from 16th November to 7th December 2019.