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In the vibrant East meets West collection showcased in this exhibition - appropriately titled Fusion - Canning straddles the power and energy of both natural and man-made worlds, building a virtual bridge between them.

Neil Canning paints in a remote studio in rural West Cornwall, ancient province of rocky headlands, crashing waves and wild moors. The natural dramas played out daily where land meets sea and sky touches earth are an enduring inspiration for the bold and vivid abstracted works that bear his signature.

6,000 miles or so to the East, as the crow flies, lies the bustling city of Hong Kong, a unique and imposing waterfront metropolis. A stark contrast to his home surroundings, it’s a densely-populated architectural and cultural marvel that has cast a potent spell on Neil, and is now fuelling an intense free-flow of creative discovery.

Not only does Neil’s work delve deeper still into his relationship with the Cornwall he has embraced and explored over the past 18 years, it also offers a dynamic window on his richly-rewarding, recent sojourn in Hong Kong.


Jackie Butler

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Exhibiting from 28th March to 15th April 2015.