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Over recent years foreign travel has allowed me to explore new subject matter.

In some cases, this encouraged me to use paint in very different ways, particularly in the cityscapes. Although these themes are ongoing, it seemed important to me with this series of paintings to concentrate once again on my immediate surroundings in West Cornwall.

Last year some of my key canvases featured more abstract elements, these were almost geometric. Squares and precise hard edges encouraged the viewer to be much more aware of surface and the illusion created by paint. These forms appear almost to float vertically or provide an anchor point. This helped to bring a much more contemporary edge to the land and sea-based paintings, perhaps suggesting man-made structures within the landscape or windows framing it. They also allow me to develop subtle colour variations reflecting atmospheric conditions and changing light.

It was the more formal developments I felt compelled to explore further. As…

Neil Canning

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Exhibiting from 13th April to 11th May 2019.