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Earth Fire Colour

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What is Lustreware? In the history of ceramics, Lustreware is defined as 'an iridescent metallic surface used in the decoration of ceramics'.

It is certainly that – but here it is rather more complicated. Historians believe that the technique of combining precious metals and ceramic glazes first emerged in ancient Egypt when glassmakers attempted to make glass vessels resemble solid metal vessels by coating the surfaces in gold or by incorporating gold into the glass. This may well be the case, for glazed pottery is coated in a film of glass.

The word ‘lustre’ derives from the Latin ‘lustrare’ – to illuminate – with connotations of being shining, splendid and brilliant. Throughout history, potters have attempted to revive the technique and have often been brilliantly successful – but alas with breathtaking failure rates. Historical records are full of despair – “only one in a hundred is good” – and consequently the successful pieces were highly prized and extremely costly.

I think I do rather better than one…

Sutton Taylor

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Exhibiting from 8th December to 12th January 2019.