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Barrie Cook’s paintings have occupied a distinctive position within British Art for over 30 years. Since the mid 1960’s he has maintained an almost unbroken allegiance to spray - painting.

This technique has had few notable adherents and his achievement is to have established this way of working as a legitimate and versatile mode of expression in a fine art context. The fusion of the material and the subjective is a condition to which his work aspires. Cook sees his paintings as providing a context for meditation and contemplation in which the viewer is free to respond to the experiences which his imagery inspires.

Cook has observed that his work seems to “evoke some stirrings within the spectators subconscious”. Although he does not invest his painting with a particular narrative significance, for Cook the radiant light of his recent work expresses a sense of transcendent spiritual optimism.

This exhibition provides an opportunity for seeing together works from different distinct phases in Cook’s career. This is a valuable conjunction for it reveals an essential trait of his art – its ambiguity.

Extract from “The Art of Ambiguity” : Paul Moorhouse. 2005

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Exhibiting from 20th February to 12th March 2016.