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Neil Canning is an artist consumed by the complex and protracted process of painting. ‘I need to make something that is deeply felt. At a profound level, the work reflects the twists and turns of my life’.

He works every day in his light, spacious garden studio. In addition to the pleasures of painting and drawing, he enjoys the traditional craft of stretching and priming the canvases. ‘I take pleasure in producing each unique canvas, with its carefully prepared surface. There is something satisfying about confronting this pristine, white space’.

As a young man, Canning had a remarkably clear view of what he wanted to do in life, what he wanted to be. Painting the landscape was, and continues to be, his passion. After leaving school he chose not to attend art school. One can only admire and respect how resourceful he has had to be in order to compensate for the lack of contacts offered by teaching staff and the supportive networking of fellow students.

Understandably there is a simple pride in an artistic journey that started in the rolling hills…

Professor Alan Livingston CBE

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Exhibiting from 31st March to 28th April 2018.