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Alchemy - ‘A medieval chemical science and philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold. The discovery of a universal cure for disease, and a means of indefinitely prolonging life.’

During the forty+ years in which I have been making ceramics which involve the specialized technique of reduction fired lustres Alchemy is the term most regularly employed to describe the work. Flattering of course but somewhat ironic because in the reduction firing it is all too easy to reverse the process and to transmute actual gold into what appears to be base metal, a dull grey smear. This of course is when things go wrong, but unfortunately it happens regularly.

The object of the reduction fired lustre technique is to create a range of jewel-like colours and metallic surfaces which are more vibrant than the normal ceramic range. This is achieved by firing pots with glazes which contain suspensions of metal salts (or the powdered metal) of gold, silver, copper, iron and nickel singly or in combinations to the point where the glazes…

Sutton Taylor November 2016

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Exhibiting from 10th December to 4th February 2017.