Presence of Absence thumbnails

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20 into 12 No.1Mixed media on canvas 150x170cm20 into 12 No.2Mixed media on canvas 150x170cm20 into 12 No.3Mixed media on canvas 150x170cmA Sea ChangeMixed media on canvas 200x220cmAbove, BelowMixed media on canvas 120x120cmAll Things FlowingMixed media on canvas 100x100cmBlue Space Blue LineMixed media on canvas 90x90cmBroken Path IIMixed media on canvas 120x120cmBroken Path Mixed media on canvas 120x120cmFrom the StartMixed media on canvas 70x70cmIn Darkness VanishesMixed media on canvas 100x120cmMarks The SkyMixed media on canvas 150x120cmNo Longer HeardMixed media on canvas 150x135cmNor the RainMixed media on canvas 100x120cmNot Expecting ThisMixed media on canvas 150x240cmOverhead Mixed media on canvas 120x150cmPart Way RoundMixed media on canvas 150x150cmPresence of AbsenceMixed media on canvas 200x220cmReaches the EndMixed media on canvas 120x120cmRebound Mixed media on canvas 120x150cmThe Morning BreaksMixed media on canvas 90x90cmThe Road and OnMixed media on canvas 70x70cmThere, Not ThereMixed media on canvas 150x150cmVanishing PointMixed media on canvas 100x100cmWhere to BeginMixed media on canvas 120x120cmWithout a StarMixed media on canvas 150x120cmYellow OrbitMixed media on canvas 120x120cmBlue Square IMixed media on paper 56x76cmBlue Square II Mixed media on paper 56x76cmBlue Square IIIMixed media on paper 56x76cmBluespace IIMixed media on paper 56x76cmBluespace IVMixed media on paper 56x76cmBluespace XMixed media on paper 56x76cmClose my Eyes Mixed media on paper 100x140cmEye of the Sky Mixed media on canvas 70x70cmIn this Place Mixed media on paper 100x140cmOf the Grey Mixed media on paper 100x140cmSang from AboveMixed media on paper 2 100x140cmSmoke into Light Mixed media on paper 100x140cmStill the HeavenMixed media on paper 100x140cmStones are NothingMixed media on paper 100x140cmThe Long GoneMixed media on paper 100x140cmUnder the Moon Mixed media on paper 100x140cmBookcover (Blue) IMixed media on paper 41x48cmBookcover (Blue) IIMixed media on paper 41x48cmBookcover (Blue) III Mixed media on paper 41x48cmBookcover (Blue) IVMixed media on paper 41x48cmBookcover (Blue) V Mixed media on paper 41x48cmBookcover (Blue) VIMixed media on paper 41x48cmBookcover (Miniature) IV Mixed media on paper 33x26cmBookcover (Miniature) VMixed media on paper 33x26cmBookcover (Miniature) VIMixed media on paper 33x26cmBookcover (Miniature) VIIIMixed media on paper 33x26cmBookcover (Miniature) IX Mixed media on paper 33x26cmBookcover (Red) I Mixed media on paper 42x52cmBookcover (Red) II Mixed media on paper 42x52cmOf the Ground I Aluminium sheet 2mm 75x65x50cm