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Blue, Green and Gold Vessel Ceramic, 56x50cmGold Lidded JarCeramic, 18x22cmStudded White VesselCeramic, 33x45cmOrbCeramic, 56x55x20cmTemple Top VesselCeramic, 24x54cmRed Pouring VesselCeramic, 15x60cmMetallic Gold and Red VesselCeramic, 55x51cmThe MeetingCeramic, 13x48cmStudded VesselCeramic, 26x37cmBlack Lidded Jar Ceramic, 15x20cmRed and Gold Lidded JarCeramic, 18x17cmGrey and Black VesselCeramic, 20x49cmBlack and White Contained Space Ceramic, 15x49x49cmWhite VesselCeramic, 50x48cmBlue Green Temple Top VesselCeramic, 28x45cmStudded Red Guardian VesselCeramic, 65x35cmVesselCeramic, 20x50cmArk Ceramic, 18x43x34cmRed and Gold VesselCeramic, 59x57cmBlack and Red Contained Space Ceramic, 15x55x57cmBlack Studded Bowl - Red Interior 20x49cmSand Contained SpaceCeramic, 15x49x47cmThe Meeting - Red and GoldCeramic, 15x50cmRed and Gold VesselCeramic, 19x46cmThe MeetingCeramic, 35x52cmSanctuaryCeramic, 36x56cmLow Slung VesselCeramic, 19x54cmBlack and White Temple Top Vessel Ceramic, 32x44cmShips in the NightCeramic, 8x52cmSilent WitnessBronze, 164x24x24cmJarCeramic, 16x12cmJarCeramic, 13x13x10cmBlack & Gold Jar 17x12cmBlack & Gold Vessel 22x38cmBlack and Gold Jar II 14x18cmBlack Lidded Vessel with Orange Thread 16x10cmBlack Lidded Vessel with Yellow Thread II 14x11cmBlack Lidded Vessel with Yellow Thread III 12x12cmBlack Lidded Vessel with Red Thread 12x12cmVessel12x10cm18x16cmBlue & Green Jar 14x14cmContained Space 12x48cm17x10cmGreen & Gold Jar II 17x10cmGreen and Gold Jar III 19x13cmMetallic Gold and Red VesselCeramic, 54x46cmPouringVessel 10x 32x30cmRed & Gold Jar 14x14cmRed & Gold Jar II14x16cmRed & Gold Jars I, II & IIIRed and Orange Zig Zag DishCeramic, 12x61cmRed Box16x34x28cmRed Scaled Box10x30x34cmSentinel55x3x22cmSentinel Vessel39x38x14cmSnake Fragment62x60cmSpotted Zig ZagCeramic, 10x45x46cmStudded Gold Bowl10x15cmStudded Gold Jar14x9cmTemple Top Vessel33x38cmTemple Top VesselCeramic, 40x55cmThe MeetingCeramic, 13x48cmWallpieceCeramic, 32x32WallpieceCeramic, 39x34cmWhite Vessel23x55cmWhite VesselCeramic, 40x44cmZig Zag Vessel Red InteriorCeramic, 19x15cm