Marilyn Crispell playing piano

From the outset, it’s clear that Marilyn Crispell and Raymond MacDonald – glistening with delicate melodies, textural intricacies, and soaring, passionate, freewheeling adventures – are two superior musicians at the very height of their powers.

Tickets for the event are £10 each, please contact the Gallery on 01872275757 ASAP as spaces are limited in LSG’s intimate venue.

There’s a palpable sense of real-time exploration and discovery running through many of these pieces.

On the aptly named ‘Conversation’, Crispell’s oblique, ruminative motifs set a meditative tone. MacDonald comments with long, searching breaths, leaving space enough for the two to circle and sound each other’s mood. As they enter an energetic exchange of views, Crispell’s chords become more angular, caustic in their urgency, as MacDonald responds and counters with peppery brays and stabs, mocking flutters and tweets.…

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