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Unspoken publication

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Ask Dot Wade what her paintings are about, and she’s more likely to tell you what they’re not about. Not figurative, not narrative, not about colour, and definitely not pretty. 

What they are about, above all, is paint: the edge and direction of the brush marks, the drag across the surface, the way the texture catches shadows, the acrylic layered upon layer, sometimes over several months. And what unites them is stillness, quiet, a sense of deliberation, of problems worked through in search of something distinctive and unexplored. The works in this exhibition reflect her focus on the meditative nature of the process itself as well as the character of the paintings. ‘Unspoken’ refers to something understood without being directly stated: calm, contemplative, thought through yet unacknowledged.

Dot grew up in Cornwall and her work has a sense of the great St Ives modernists; she has also spent time living in the Colorado Rockies. She is inspired by wildness and mountains, and her palette is informed by the earth tones of bracken, granite…

Caroline Atkins, 2023

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Exhibiting from 25th March to 22nd April 2023.