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Unheard Music

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The often-made analogy between music and abstract painting is especially apposite when considering Felice Hodges’ work, for in painting she aspires to the condition of music.

Her early training was in classical piano, and rhythmic structures have long been crucial in her thoughts about art. The artist grew up in New York, where her mother was a concert pianist and teacher of piano, and where Hodges began her own studies on the instrument at the tender age of four.

Later, she went on to study, firstly at the Royal College of Music in London, and then at Cornell University in New York. Although she attained a very high level of musicianship, she decided in her mid-twenties that the world of classical music was not for her, and switched courses, first studying art history at Cornell, then painting and sculpture in London. The transition came not entirely out of the blue, for Hodges had always been creative, and a passion for art was a constant in her family; her father collected German…

Ian Massey, November 2022

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Exhibiting from 17th December to 14th January 2023.