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Jeremy Annear

Twofold: In Life and art

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Twofold: In Life and art publication

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Ad Reinhardt the great conceptual minimalist and art writer commented "Art is too serious to be taken seriously".

With this in mind I write the following;

I have been painting for almost 40 years, for nearly three quarters of those years in a professional relationship and married to my wife Judy Buxton with whom I am sharing the Lemon Street Gallery for this exhibition. For all these years, we have avoided sharing an exhibition space at the same time. We have assiduously tried to maintain our own professional independence and as a result, have been able to quietly support each other in the private chaos, caused by some of the more unpalatable aspects of the artists’ life. The interface that lies between us and the ‘art world’ and our public out there and with all the irksome practicalities of everyday life.

So why are we showing together in the same gallery now? … It was accidental, or co-incidental happenstance and took us unawares,…

Jeremy Annear 2015

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Exhibiting from 11th September to 3rd October 2015.