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Sutton Taylor

The Colours of Fire

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The pieces in this exhibition all involve the process of Reduced In-glaze Lustre -a complex specialized technique to form ,on the surface of a glaze a film of metal (usually gold silver or copper) or an iridescent sheen. If the glaze is saturated with a salt or fine particles of the metal then an opaque surface results and dilutions of the metals produce iridescence or isolations of individual colours from the multicolored iridescence. This is a complex and specialised technique that dates back to the 9th Century AD.

Sutton has been working in extremely harsh weather conditions down West. Despite this, this small intimate collection, does not disappoint. Why? Because Taylor’s ability to move with the unpredictable,  capricious and uncontrollable nature of the technique is astonishing. The window of opportunity when lustres form is tiny. The temperature in the kiln must be held at precisely the right temperature for the particular glaze being used, in exactly the correct degree of reduction (absence of oxygen). High humidity favours lustre development and high winds can be a problem in a combustion kiln. Despite enormous advances in kiln technology, digital temperature control and glaze analysis the process continues to defy reliable commercial production, companies and individual potters generally abandon the process discouraged by the seemingly capricious and uncontrollable nature of the technique and its accompanying failures.

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Exhibiting from 9th December to 6th January 2023.