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David Roberts

The Colours of Black : New Work in the White Room

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The Colours of Black : New Work in the White Room publication

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David Roberts Exhibition Publication Card

"I am exploiting the way black or white painted slip patterns can represent, delineate and echo different water movements and patterns - waves, ripples, eddies etc. Some vessels also exploit eroded relief patterns to achieve the same ends."

I have just finished reading a brilliant book. It is written by a scientist called Mark Miodownik. The title is ‘Stuff Matters’ and is all about materials, their molecular structure, qualities, uses and associated processes. Although told from an analytical perspective it is witty and engaging – even a scientific dullard like myself enjoyed and understood it.

I mention this because as I read the book I became increasingly empathetic with the author. I am also fascinated and obsessed by materials and associated processes; in my case clay and its transformation by raku firing. However my approach is not scientific, it is intuitive and practical – judgment is equally important as analysis and measurement. It is a visceral, physical engagement – the soft, stickiness and malleability of clay – the smell of burning sawdust.

Materials and processes, as in all my work, are a major sub plot in this exhibition. They are…

David Roberts - March 2016

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Exhibiting from 23rd April to 14th May 2016.