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Silent Witness

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An all-seeing eye

When I wrote a previous introduction for Jason Wason’s exhibition, ‘A Devil’s Box of Tricks’, (LSG August 2010), I suggested that ‘his visual language evolves slowly, with each pot wrought from his disciplined imagination’. For me the key word in this sentence is ‘wrought’, as there is a real sense that Wason’s body of work is drawn and shaped from his encyclopedic knowledge of the ancient pots produced in China, Korea, New Mexico, India and medieval England. Of course being knowledgeable is one thing, knowing how to apply knowledge is something quite different. To fully understand Wason the potter, one has to acknowledge the profound admiration and respect he has for the history and culture of these countries.

He is restless, obsessive and endlessly productive. His energy levels are high, constantly fuelled by the need to resolve his current project. He is psychologically unable to…

Professor Alan Livingston August 2014

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Jason Wason

Exhibiting from 6th September to 4th October 2014.