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Gareth Edwards

Silent Frontier

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Gareth Edwards publication

Integral to human existence is the concept of ‘journey’: our physical journey through time and space, our experiential journey through life, our metaphysical journey from nascent self-awareness to the clumsy beginnings of self-knowledge and onwards, towards identity and self-belief.

In these paintings of limitless internal and external space, Edwards invites us on a journey through atmospheric landscapes and shifting emotional terrains in the company of our own, unique cargo of neuroses and memories. Ciphers of wilderness landscapes, such as coniferous forests, ravines, Fjords, tundra and the wide Atlantic Ocean which surrounds his studio, act as metaphors for psychological spaces yet to be explored.

The materiality of these works, the applications of paint, ash, oxides and wide plains of fluid colour, act as signposts, guiding the viewer through open fields of contemplation and recognition: they are works filled with poetic and phenomenological intent. At the silent frontier of frame and canvas, Edwards opens up a doorway to something deeper than a material understanding of our own existence, a doorway to somewhere as strange and distant as it is familiar and tangibly near: beneath our feet…

Mercedes Smith 2017

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Exhibiting from 10th June to 1st July 2017.