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Scene Change Act II

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At the beginning of the summer, we started work on a group exhibition at our new space in Rock, titled Scene Change. The goal of this inaugural celebration was simple: showcase a vibrant and eclectic mix of our favourite talent, old and new, from the preceding few years.

Almost straight away it became apparent that it was going to be impossible to whittle our shortlist of chosen artists down to just one show and so, following the runaway success of the first show back in July, we created Scene Change: Act II.

Featuring a continuation of the first show’s exciting mix of up-and-coming artists alongside firm LSG favourites, Act II is a second stanza in our love poem to contemporary British art…only this time there’s a twist.

Working in collaboration with the Makasiini Contemporary gallery in Finland, we are thrilled to bring you for the first time one of America’s most revered artists: Jason Craighead.

I was lucky enough to meet with Jason during my whistlestop tour of the States earlier this year at his studio in Raleigh, North Carolina and from the off, it was clear that this was to be an…

Marie Louise Jones

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Exhibiting from 3rd September to 1st October 2022.