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Tread softly...

For the past twenty years Robert Macfarlane, the writer and campaigning environmentalist, has been exploring the intense and precarious relationship between landscape and the human heart. Macfarlane has a remarkable ability to reveal the ways in which we have engaged with, and utilised, our immediate environment above and below the earth. He encourages us to know, respect and care for our special places. In addition, of course, our widespread sense of wonder needs to be underpinned by a collective and urgent sense of responsibility.

Amelia Humber’s work is evidence of an artist with a relentless curiosity to experience and record fleeting moments of atmosphere and the unexpected abstract elements of nature. The sheer scale and physicality of this engagement present a real challenge to the artist, with a constant need to modify and refine materials and technique in order to confront and record the gigantic…

Professor Alan Livingston

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Exhibiting from 19th October to 16th November 2019.