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Jason Wason & Yasuo Terada

Playing with Fire III

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Playing with Fire III - 1. Introduction

Playing with Fire III - 2. The Project Begins

Playing with Fire III - 3. Upcycling

Playing with Fire III - 4. Yasuo Introduces the Wood Kiln

Playing with Fire III - 5. Workshop

Playing with Fire III - 6. Test Fire

Playing with Fire III - 7. Broken Mountains and Fire

Playing with Fire III - 8. Night Shift

Playing with Fire III - 9. Students Film

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Jason Wason and Yasuo Terada first met in Nagoya in 2000 and an immediate bond was formed. Both were potters, of a similar age, similar attitudes, but producing very different work, from very different backgrounds.

Yasuo invited Jason to go work with him at his studio in Seto, which is Japan’s oldest centre of continuous ceramic history. For 1300 years the chimneys of Seto’s numerous kilns have been alive. Setomono is the Japanese word for pottery, literally “things that come from Seto”. Yasuo Terada is a fourth generation artist potter, working in the Oribe style, and as Jason says, ‘Yasuo is the real deal’.

Between them, they have exhibited and worked together on many occasions showing in galleries in London and Nagoya, and in various collaborations, such as Ceramica International sponsored by Tate Gallery, St. Ives, Newlyn Orion Gallery, and Truro Museum. Together they have built a coal-fired kiln at the Leach Pottery, similar to the raku kiln that Bernard Leach first encountered in Japan in 1918. They have shown at the Kusakabe Folk Museum, Gifu Prefecture, and at the…

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Exhibiting from 9th October to 31st October 2017.