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The pieces in this exhibition all involve the process of Reduced In-glaze Lustre - a complex specialized technique to form on the surface of a glaze a film of metal (usually gold, silver or copper) or an iridescent sheen.

If the glaze is saturated with a salt or fine particles of the metal then an opaque surface results and dilutions of the metals produce iridescence or isolations of individual colours from the multicoloured iridescence.

The ‘secret’ is in the firing – in the knowledge, intuition and instinct of the firer. It is in responding to the mood of the kiln. Every firing feels different – even the weather has to be taken into account. Humidity and wind speed affect the optimum reduction point. Instinct and intuition cannot easily be passed on and must often die with the firer.

Sutton Taylor, 2022

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Exhibiting from 17th December to 14th January 2023.