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The studio, house and kiln room cluster together overlooking the sea out towards the Isles of Scilly. It is a place of edges; cliff edge, shifting shorelines and the horizon, tall chimneys from the tin mines make vertical challenges. It is also a place where the textures of surfaces confront us.

The bald stone outcrops of the moorland, the pitted tracks that wind their way between dwellings, the coarse grass, sand and pebbles contrast with rapidly changing seas and skies. Such exterior textures are echoed within the house and studio. Painted wood allows grain to emerge and the interiors are unfussy, workaday and honest. Exceptionally a modern pool table spans the French windows that let the coastal light stream in. One of Jason Wason’s preoccupations has been with symmetry. He is fascinated by the trajectories of balls struck at angles. Edges, textures and symmetry are not the only concerns in his making but they seem to be constants. He is an emotional and political man and recognises the changing roles these too play in his making.

The edges of his works are very carefully considered. When we have looked down into one of his shallow bowls we should also appreciate the side view; the way it sits or…

Andy Christian August 2016

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Exhibiting from 10th September to 3rd December 2016.