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Susanna Bauer

In Leaf

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Susanna Bauer uses what is small and fragile to express what is universal and enduring in our coexistence with each other and the natural world.

In this collection of powerfully delicate work, she responds to the ephemeral beauty of fallen leaves, fragile seeds and slender, twisting branches with an intense material devotion.

In a uniquely conceived approach to craft, Bauer works with the everyday, inconspicuous details of our natural surroundings, skilfully embroidering found magnolia leaves with a halo of cotton thread and coaxing others into finely constructed three-dimensional shapes. Her work draws out from each tiny object its own unique story of creation, existence and belonging in a way that mirrors our own exceptional path through life. Within the sacred and familial privacy of white box frames, curled leaves lie closely together in affectionate intimacy, branches reach tenderly for one another, held fast by a web of crocheted thread, while pairs of rounded leaves merge seamlessly together in perfect, tranquil unity. In gently expressive pieces like Aura, Bauer’s intricate…

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Susanna Bauer

Exhibiting from 6th June to 27th November 2015.