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The origins of the rural idyll are as rich as they are abstract.

From politicians to peasants, farmers and artists, this collective image of the rural idyll has been wielded throughout time as an instrument to conjure power, hope, beauty and loss – sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. As illustrated when Poet John Clare wrote of his rural idyll being lost before his eyes – and with it his access to roam – in the wake of the Enclosure Acts.

Taking the title of the late 19th Century book by Francis A. Knight, Idylls of the Field is an exhibition of new works by artist duo, Forest + Found, set in the heart of Withiel, a small and ancient settlement in rural Cornwall. The original book is an intimate observation of nature, in which Knight describes in immersive detail the birds and fields that surround him. This lyrical document of the British Isles written in the…

Angus D. Birditt, 2022

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Exhibiting from 13th August to 24th September 2022.