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Bruce McLean’s Gardens: a letter

Dear Bruce: I have been asked at very short notice (email address confusion) to write a short piece for your Lemon Street catalogue. I am delighted that the show looks to be exclusively devoted to garden paintings, prints and pots: the first, I think, ever. It’s a very good idea.

I suspect that even as I write you are enjoying an early evening drink on the terrace of Son Caragol, your house in Menorca, while you contemplate the spring delights – palms, flowers, shrubs, lemon trees, blossoming plums and apples, wild tortoises − of the stone-walled garden, once a small vegetable plot like those that surround it, no bigger than a good-sized allotment. I think of Hafez-e Shirāzi, most admired of Persian poets: ‘The garden is breathing out the air of Paradise today/ Towards me, a friend with a sweet nature and this wine… This…

Mel Gooding 2019

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Exhibiting from 25th May to 22nd June 2019.