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David Roberts & Andy Fullalove

Divergence : Convergence
In Response to Landscape

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Divergence : Convergence
In Response to Landscape publication

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The central body of my work in the exhibition consists of a series of tall vessels which continue to explore the patterns and rhythms of water but in an increasingly abstract manner. The ‘ripple’ image here is now acting as a vehicle to help define and articulate new binary forms. This exhibition is, in fact, something of a celebration of 70 years of my life and 50 years of my involvement with clay.

To help me in this endeavour I invited a painter, Andy Fullalove, to exhibit with me. Louise Jones, the director of Lemon Street Gallery, kindly agreed to my request. I have great admiration for, and empathy with, Andy’s work. Like me, he responds to and engages with the magic of landscape. His paintings are not topographical but express feelings, impressions and reactions to specific landscapes and their features. Like my ceramics his paintings are visceral, celebrating the physicality and plasticity of his chosen medium. Although both mine and Andy Fullalove’s pieces are obviously very different I believe this combination of pots and paintings will make for a convincing exhibition.

David Roberts, October 2017

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Exhibiting from 18th November to 2nd December 2017.