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In the Landscape

As far back as she can remember Amelia Humber has had a love of wild, untamed places. Throughout her student years at Falmouth she enjoyed nothing more than being outside in the landscape. She relished the opportunity to discover hidden sites, to get to know them better and to record how the landscape changed with different light and weather conditions.

Her responses were recorded in pencil sketches, pastel drawings and photographs. This working method has been carried through to her current practice, with notes and sketches brought back to her London studio in order to complete the oil paintings on paper, board or canvas.

At the outset it is important to acknowledge that Amelia is not concerned to produce a topographical image of a specific place. Her priority is to record her response to the multi-sensory dimensions of landscape; to capture the special moment when…

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Exhibiting from 6th May to 3rd June 2017.