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Ashraf Hanna

Altered Space

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I am an Egyptian-born British artist, currently resident and working from my studio in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Growing up in Egypt I was surrounded by pottery forms that have changed little since the ancient times, classical forms that have filtered through the ages, touched and formed by the hand of the potter. These forms were functional storage jars and water cooling urns. It was not however until I went to El Minia College of Fine Arts that I started to really look at them. Close observation during drawing classes of still life compositions opened my eyes to the beauty and contentment that exist within a well-considered and executed form.

Drawing is fundamental in training our eyes to see, the action of trying to pick up a line from a three-dimensional object and marking it down on paper is a powerful gesture that surpasses the basic skill, a projection of a line that becomes etched in our psyche as we forge an emotional…

Ashraf Hanna, 2022

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Exhibiting from 8th October to 5th November 2022.