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Bridget Leaman & Amber Leaman

A Shared Sensibility

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Exhibiting together for the first time, the paintings of Bridget Leaman and her daughter Amber, explore the connective tissue of family, common experience, and a love of painting.

Bridget and Amber Leaman live and work in Cornwall, having been born on The Lizard, Amber studied at Falmouth College of Art, Bridget attended Bournemouth College of Art and  West Surrey School of Art in Farnham.

Their interests place them within the rich history of abstract artists associated with Cornwall; such as Patrick Heron, Roger Hilton and Terry Frost. Their unabashed love of the canvas itself, together with the bold brush strokes and passionate colours, the visceral qualities and spattered paint, feeds us the truth of raw emotion spontaneously and starkly. Their mastery is in guarding the essence of that spontaneity while working it to give the painting textural, colourful depth. Exhibiting together for the first time at  Lemon Street Gallery, Truro we are delighted to bring you the paintings of Bridget Leaman and her daughter Amber. This…

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Exhibiting from 12th November to 3rd December 2016.